Hack.lu 06

Hack.lu is an open convention /conference where people can
discuss about computer security, privacy, information
technology and its cultural/technical implication on society.
The aim of the convention is to make a bridge of the various
actors in the computer security world.
The convention will be held in the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg
in October 2006 (19-21.10.2006).


Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:
    . Software Engineering
    . Honeypots/Honeynets
    . Electronic/Digital Privacy
    . Wireless Network and Security
    . Attacks on Information Systems and/or Digital
      Information Storage
    . Electronic Voting
    . Free Software and Security
    . Assessment of Computer, Electronic Devices and
      Information Systems
    . Standards for Information Security
    . Legal and Social Aspect of Information Security
    . Software Engineering and Security
    . Malware and malicious software
    . New security vulnerabilities in Computer Science
    . Network security!

Draft Agenda

Thursday  19.10.2006

This day will be filled with so called deep knowledge/
hands-on talks. These talks will cover 2-4 hours and often
attendees are requested to bring their own laptop to be able
to follow the course.

The deep knowledge/hands-on talks will be splitted in three
tracks (3 rooms with capacity of approx. 150 persons). There
will be no pre-registration for the rooms but the principle
of first come, first serve will be applied.

Here a draft list of the talks we already have:
    . Tactical VoIP: VoIPhreaking Intensive by The Gruqq
    . Writing Metasploit plugins - from vulnerability to
      exploit by Saumil Shah
    . 802.11 security Tips and Tricks by Phillippe Teuwen
      and Cedric Blancher
    . Using Computer Forensics at the police by FCCU
      (Federal Computer Crime Unit of Belgium)
    . OpenBGP by Henning Brauer

   More to come please check regularly

Friday and Saturday 20/21.10.2006

These two days will be the lecture days with lecture slots
of 45 mins. Please find hereafter a draft Agenda of these
two days.

|Friday 20.10.2006           |Saturday 21.10.21006         |
|9:00 |Opening Speech        |9:00 |Software Engineering   |
|     |Renaud Deraison:      |     |Security               |
|     |                      |     |Wietse Venema          |
|9:50 |Towards an Invisible  |9:50 |Security in Grid       |
|     |Honeypot Monitoring   |     |Computing              |
|     |System                |     |Lisa Thalheim          |
|     |Nguyen Anh Quynh      |     |                       |
|10:40|Refreshment Break     |10:40|Refreshment Break      |
|11:00|An empirical analysis |11:00|Secure networking      |
|     |of malware            |     |Hannes Mehnert, Andreas|
|     |Oliver Schmid         |     |Bogk                   |
|11:50|Sensible defence      |11:50|WiFi Advanced Stealth  |
|     |Koen Maris            |     |Laurent Butti & Franck |
|     |                      |     |Veysset                |
|12:40|Lunch Break           |12:40|Lunch Break            |
|14:00|Bluetooth Hacking     |14:00|Exploiting hidden      |
|     |Revisited             |     |services to setup      |
|     |Thierry Zoller & Kevin|     |anonymous communication|
|     |Finistere             |     |infrastructure         |
|     |                      |     |Fabio Pietrosanti      |
|14:50|Triple Play; Triple   |14:50|Data Broadcasting by   |
|     |threats ? - IPTV      |     |Misuse of Satellite    |
|     |Security              |     |ISPs                   |
|     |Yen-Ming Chen         |     |Andre Adelsbach        |
|15:40|Refreshment Break     |15:40|Refreshment Break      |
|16:00|IPv6 Security and     |16:00|How to find anything   |
|     |insecurity            |     |underneath the         |
|     |Van Hauser            |     |commercial web:        |
|     |                      |     |Powersearching without |
|     |                      |     |google                 |
|     |                      |     |Fravia                 |
|16:50|Smashing Heap by Free |16:50|Not announced yet      |
|     |Simulation            |     |                       |
|     |Sandip Chaudhari      |     |                       |
|17:40|Closing of the first  |17:40|Closing of the         |
|     |lecture day.          |     |conference with        |
|     |Maybe Lightning Talks |     |Announcement of the    |
|     |something alike.      |     |results of the CTF     |
|     |                      |     |contest                |

CTF (Capture The Flag) contest

On Saturday 21.10.2006 there will also in parallel to the
lectures a CTF contest with up to 6 teams that compete
against each others.
Capture-the-Flag is a team game where each side tries to
capture the other flag, while defending their own flag from
falling prey to the enemy. If the flag is successfully
captured, it must be carried unless the opposite team
succeeds to hold it back. Particularly, in this contest, to
capture the flag means to intrude the computer of another
team. The more the team spends time in the opposite
camp, the more the team scores, until the opposite team
manages to expel the intruders.
There are nice prices to win.
More on http://www.hack.lu


The venue of this year conference will be the Novotel at
Luxembourg Kirchberg. All reservation can be done directly
with the Hotel by mentioning the name of the conference
(hack.lu 2006). Special rates are available. Please see the
web site for all the details


As the number of seats is limited, be sure to register early
at http://www.hack.lu/index.php/registration. The entrance
fee covers all 3 days, along with catering for the lunches.

See you there.