Here is the conference selected papers list :

  • Countering Winny and next gen Winny threats - Neil Bortnak
  • Smashing Heap by Free Simulation - Sandip Chaudhari
  • Methods of increasing source code security automatically - Ben Chelf, Coverity
  • IPTV, triple play triple threats - YM Chen, McAfee
  • On XSRF (Cross Site Session Riding) and why you should care - Martin Johns, University of Hamburg
  • Linux Kernel == Security Nightmare - Marcel Holtmann, Red Hat
  • Hacking fingerprint recognition systems - Jan Krissler, Fraunhofer Institute
  • OpenOffice/OpenDocument and MS OpenXML security - Philippe Lagadec, French Ministry of Defence
  • VM Based Intrusion Detection System - Nguyen Anh Quynh, Keio University
  • Strong cryptographic payload obfuscation and encryption - Ariel Waissbein, Core Security Technologies
  • Undermining Security in Vista WCF - Marc Schoenefeld
  • IPV6 Mapping - Yuji Ukai & Ryan Permeh, eEye
  • Windows Vista Security Model - Matt Conover, Symantec
  • Mobile IPV6 problems - Arnaud Ebalard, EADS CRC, & Guillaume Valadom, University of Tokyo
  • Vista IPV6 Stack - Microsoft

Proposed dojos are :

  • Network vulnerability scanning, turning Nessus into Metasploit - Renaud Deraison & Nicolas Pouvesle, Tenable Network Security
  • Reverse engineering, rapid bug discovery and input crafting - Halvar Flake, Sabre Security
  • Assembly for exploit writing - Gerardo Richarte, Core Security Technologies
  • Advanced honeypot tactics - Thorsten Holz, Aachen University
  • Mastering the network with Scapy - Philippe Biondi, EADS CRC
  • Securing your critical Cisco network infrastructure - Nico Fischbach, COLT telecom
  • Practical 802.11 WiFi (In)Security - Cédric Blancher, EADS CRC
  • Bluetooth Auditing and Technology - Martin Herfurt, Adam Laurie & Marcel Holtmann, Trifinite

Also notice Eusecwest/core07 call for paper now opened and closing on october 20th. Submissions should be sent to Finally, Cansecwest/core07 is announced to take place in Vancouver from april 16 to 20 2006. Call for paper is scheduled to open from november to december 2006. Same dojos will be provided for this two events, in addition to "Network Reconnaissance with Nmap 4" by Fyodor & Doug Hoyte from