For the speakers list, two excellent Pacsec/core06 speakers were invited to present their talk again and are definitly worth seeing:

  • "Threats against and protection of Microsoft's internal network" by Greg Galford, Microsoft
  • "Linux Kernel == Security Nightmare" by Marcel Holtmann, Red Hat

Other talks are:

  • "/GS and ASLR in Windows Vista" by Ollie Whitehouse, Symantec;
  • "Fuzzing, history, perspectives and limits" by Christian Wieser, Oulu university;
  • "The new OWASP Web Application Penetration Testing Methodology" by Matteo Meucci and Alberto Revelli, OWASP-Italy;
  • "Reverse Engineering Malicious Javascript" by Dr. Jose Nazario, Arbor;
  • "Bypassing NAC Systems" by Ofir Arkin, Insightix;
  • "RFID" by Adam Laurie, trifinite;
  • "Protecting Next-Gen Networks @ Nx10G link sizes" by Jim Deleskie, Teleglobe;
  • "Video Conferencing Security" by Navid Jam, Sandia National Laboratories;
  • "Software Virtualization Based Rootkits" by Sun Bing;
  • "VoIP Attacks" by Dustin D. Trammell, TippingPoint;
  • "Windows Vista Exploitation Countermeasures" by Richard Johnson, Microsoft
  • "OSX Security" by Daniel Cuthbert, Corsaire
  • "Distributed drone-based malware propagation and deployment automation" by Emmanuel H

Talks descriptions should be posted soon. Three thoughts about this list:

  • We had a bad experience with Symantec at Pacsec/core06 when they canceled Matt Conover's talk and scheduled someone else on a poor topic...
  • Insightix is a NAC solution vendor, but from what can be read from his BackHat US 2006 presentation, talk does not seem to be vendor oriented but will surely involving MS NAP/Cisco NAC bashing ;)
  • Adam "Major Malfunction" Laurie is well known for his RFIDIOT tool, his work on UK e-Passports and really entertaining talks at SyScan'05 and Cansecwest/core06.