Security Opus, San Francisco, March 19-23 2007

Ten talks are programed for now with a keynote by Richard Thieme on Identity and Disinformation:

  • Luis Miras: Automated Exploit Detection in Binaries: Finding exploitable vulnerabilities in binaries
  • Rick Wesson: Botnets and the Global Infection Rate
  • Nish Bhalla and Sahba Kazerooni: Exploiting and Defending Web Services
  • Justin Troutman: Mackerel: An IND-CCA2 and INT-CTXT Cryptovirus
  • Stefano Zanero: Of IDS evaluation, and why you should handle it with care
  • Window Snyder: Security Development in an Open Source World
  • Michael Sutton: Smashing Web Apps: Applying Fuzzing to Web Applications and Web Services
  • Shawn Merdinger: VoIP Security Tools and Attacks
  • Kartic Trivedi: Web 2.0: AJAX and Ruby on Rails Security
  • Cédric Blancher: Wireless Security Myth Busting

Cansecwest/core07, Vancouver, April 16-20 2007

For now, nine talks announced:

  • Barnaby Jack: Exploiting Embedded Systems
  • Jose Nazario: Reverse Engineering Malicious Javascript
  • Ilja van Sprundel: Unusual bugs
  • Luis Miras: Other Wireless, New ways to get Pwned
  • Nicolas Fischbach: NGN, Next Generation Networks
  • Marcel Holtmann: Wii Control You
  • Su Yong Kim: Playing with ActiveX controls
  • Window Snyder: Primary Vector: Finding security vulnerabilities in web browsers
  • Tavis Ormandy: An Empirical Study into the Security Exposure to Hosts of Hostile Virtualized Environments

More should come soon. I've heard there could be some wierd presentation about network discovery and 3D stereoscopic graphing...