landed in Melbourne for SecureCon 2006 yesterday morning at 6:25 after a 23 hours journey via Singapour. It's so good to reach destination, especially when it implies shifting season from winter in France to full summer here in Australia, with nearly 25°C temperature delta and +10h jet lag.

SecureCon began yesterday with two excellent workshops. Tas Dionisakos presented SSH basic capabilities, fully covering static and dynamic port redirection, then Nick Savvides launched a Hackathon, using lately announced Backtrack live distro. Then I finally could get some rest. This morning, we had a wonderful keynote talk from Wietse Venema, TCP wrappers, SATAN and Postfix author, about lessons learn from opensource development in IT security field, just followed by an Oracle full marketing/commercial "security matters to us" blablabla. Then Chris Spencer from Ruxcon exposed MS Windows heap allocation strategies and reviewed exploitation technics.

There's still more to come before I close this first day with my (yet again) "Traffic injection in WiFi networks" talk, and there's a bunch of nifty presentations for tomorrow.