ended my last post on SecureCon at Chris talk on heap overflows, thursday morning. The presentation was very technical, maybe too much for me, but the results are definitly very interesting, especially the part on working around XP SP2 and 2003 SP1 protections.

After lunch, we had a very good talk detailing lawful interceptions from both legal and technical point of vues. Then came MacOSX security, in which I'm not very interested at the time. Sorry :) Finally, I closed thursday session with a talk on WiFi traffic injection. Being the last one, I had the opportunity to go beyond the expected deadline, speaking for nearly one hour and a half, and the audience stayed for the whole talk and demos. \o/

Friday started with two short sponsors presentations, and a longer talk on identity driven networks by a guy from another sponsor. I must have missed something important because I couldn't grab his point, probably lost by a whole bunch of buzz words. The Wietse had a wonderful talk about Postfix MTA. This guy is very nice and all the more impressive, it was a real pleasure and honor for me to meet him. The last morning presentation was about hardening Apache configuration.

The afternoon was targeted upon copyright, with two excellent talks on DRM and Kazaa trial in Australia. Then came a panel discussion on DRM. One very good point was that question on the fact that DRM does not allow (yet ?) copyrighted stuff to fall in public domain for their protection don't expire in time, thus breaking most laws on copyright.

In the end, SecureCon 2006 was an excellent conference, and a success as more than 300 attendees registred. Photos are now online.