Guest speakers:

  • Anthony de Almeida Lopes - Multi-cavity NOP-infection Operating System-Independent x86 Virus
  • Bunnie - <TBA>
  • David "h1kari" Hulton - Breaking Wi-Fi... Faster!
  • Joe Stewart - OllyBone, Semi-Automatic Unpacking on IA-32
  • Spoonm - IDARub


  • Christopher Abad - Advancements in Anonymous eAnnoyance
  • Pedram Amini - PaiMei and the Five Finger Exploding Palm RE Techniques
  • Sharon Conheady - Social Engineering for Penetration Testers
  • Dennis Cox - Network Devices an Insiders View
  • Fabrice Desclaux and Kostya Kortchinsky - Vanilla Skype
  • Mathieu Desnoyers - Tracing for Hardware, Driver and Binary Reverse Engineering in Linux
  • Fravia - Reversing our searching habits "Power searching without Google"
  • Alex Ionescu - Subverting Windows 2003 SP1 Kernel Integrity Protection
  • Luis Miras - Fix Bugs in Binaries
  • Alexander Sotirov - Reverse Engineering Microsoft Binaries
  • Michael Sutton - Fuzzing - Brute Force Vulnerability Discovery
  • Ted Unangst - Secure Development with Static Analysis
  • Woodmann - The legality of RCE

More info on talks can be found on the website.


  • Jose Nazario and Marius Eriksen - Packet Mastering the Monkey Way, Learn how to write scanners, sniffers and packet flooders using libpcap, libdnet, and libevent (14-15 June 2006)
  • Nicolas Brulez - Advanced Reverse Engineering, Learn how to unpack Packers and Protectors, and how to analyse Polymorphic viruses (13-15 June 2006)
  • Nicolas Brulez - Introduction to Reverse Engineering, Learn how you can reverse engineer programs to understand their inner workings (19-21 June 2006)

More info on trainings can be found on the website as well.