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[modifier] Dotclear

[modifier] Dotclear v1.2.x

A trivial modification to have moderated trackbacks as well when comments are moderated. Useful against spam... Courageous purists can add a new dc_trackbacks_pub variable to configuration file and modify configuration plugin to handle this as a new functionality.

[modifier] Plugins

[modifier] Compatibility with Dotclear 1.2.7

[modifier] ComBack v1.4

This patch fixes a bug in ComBack 1.4 plugin RSS feed support and adds Atom feed support and related dcComback::atom() function.

[modifier] Weather v1.2

Small patch that adds cURL support to Weather 1.2 plugin which otherwise needs allow_url_fopen activation in php.ini, very bad thing from a security point of vue... Of course, PHP must be built with cURL support for this patch to work.

[modifier] 2strictURL v0.2

Another patch that fixes a bug in 2strictURL plugin. It's included in version 0.3.

[modifier] StarSystem v0.2

A patch for StarSystem 0.2 plugin for having ajax.starsystem.php AJAX script in share/starsystem subfolder, allowing ecrire subfolder access controled by htaccess file. You'll have to move images as well, in images subfolder for instance... It also fixes XHTML 1.0 Strict compliance.

[modifier] Captcha v1.1

A patch for Captcha 1.1 plugin that fixes a bug in characters encoding, some typos and XHTML 1.0 Strict compliance.

[modifier] MEP v0.4.1

A patch for MEP 4.1 plugin that fixes XHTML 1.0 Strict compliance for when coloring text.

[modifier] Wikiovote large v1

A patch for the large WikioVote plugin that adds cURL support and fixes a bug when handling the front page posts list.

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